You Tube: It’s here to stay

I remember a time when there was no such thing as You Tube. When you had to go out and search through the Internet for videos. Or you could go to ebaum’s world (a website) and find videos there. I remember a time when you couldn’t just go on You Tube and watch the intro to He-Man; you had to find an actual episode!

I remember a time when there was no hand out, no humongous database of videos. A time when we actually had to search for a video we wanted to watch and most of the time we would turn up empty.

As strange as it may seem, there was an actual time when You Tube didn’t exist. For me watching videos on the web came around during 2004, my junior year of high school.

Watching funny videos on the web was quite new for me and ebaum’s world offered videos, games and humorous pictures. But once You Tube showed up, ebaums world was cast off out of the Internet spotlight and into the backstage for the die-hard fans.

When You Tube first came out in its infant stages, I considered it to be a waste of time and full of brainless videos and would never visit. This didn’t quite work out, I have had an account there for a about a year now.

At the time of its childhood years, I’m sure there were a lot of bad videos but now it has grown and is maturing. You Tube is only three years old, but it’s grown up quite fast, most likely making a big stain on the Internet time line. There are still a lot of bad videos but once in a while you’ll find something worthwhile.

You Tube might only be three years old, but it’s acting like a teenager. It’s been getting in some trouble, not always doing what it’s parents tell it to do and puts out a lot of mixed emotions.

As you may know, You Tube has gotten in trouble with distributing copyrighted material. But if you go on You Tube there are blocked videos because of copyright infringement but there are also a lot that haven’t been touched.

Corporations pushing out lawsuits haven’t scared anyone because people are still uploading their favorite music videos, TV episodes, commercials, and everything copyrighted.

Should these lawsuits scare the video uploaders? No, there are too many subscribers and too many videos for the corporations to take down.

The big companies just want to up hold their belief that what’s theirs is theirs and should not be played with. Corporations were the kids in the playground that wouldn’t share and had their name written on everything they owned.

You Tube is a great place to get your voice out even if you only get ten hits. You Tube won’t make you famous; you have to do the work to get people to watch your video. Internet stars don’t come about over night, but they do die over night.

What ever happened to dramatic look gopher (besides South Park)? One thing that has always gotten me confused and always will confuse me is why does a video of someone acting like a moron get more hits than a finely crafted meaningful video that the creator actually took time to make.

Honestly, do we really need 300 videos of an exploding egg?

You Tube, like it, hate it, loath it, love it, is here to stay (until something better comes). The quality might not be the greatest but I’ve seen worse and the amount of rare videos You Tube has to offer beats that factor down.

However, I don’t need to tell you to go to You Tube because you’ve probably all ready been there.

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