Fashion 101

The ballots have been counted, and the final award winners are being announced!

Gen X Classic Fashionista:

The award goes to……Elizabeth Sailer! She is the stunning classic. The appropriately fitted denim and cute top appropriate for a girl that is fiery on the inside but demure on the outside. She is the classic “denim diva.” Remember if the fit is a not you won’t be hot! She never leaves the house looking dowdy. Catch Elizabeth on the street and check out the denim wearing diva in all her glory. Tops galore and paired with the right trouser is a trademark of Elizabeth. You don’t have to shop at Prada to look age appropriate and fun! Work the walkway LIZ …YOU EARNED IT!

Superior Stud

The award goes to….Derek Larson! Yes, faculty members on campus have style too! Look for him in the Art History department, you cannot miss him! Usually dressed in dark denim, which is the hot trend of the entire year, Derek is what it is…Superior! The pairing of his classic button down shirt, fitted, TUCKED IN, with his dark denim and classic black shoe shows his attention to detail. Like most artists, the final outcome is sometimes what matters. So Derek we applaud you and your classic man style!

Throwback Hottie:

The award goes to….Melissa Paradee! Some say black is out, and bright hues are in for the Spring and Summer of 2008. Black is always in. You may know Melissa from her lookout over in the campus center working the fingers to the bone for Student Activities. Talk about a throwback. Can you say “hello Ms Hepburn?” The classic black sweater, with a modern twist is a trademark of our Melissa. She is not afraid to take a risk and push the classic envelope. The hounds tooth skirt paired with a black tight and a super hot black Mary Jane style heel makes her our throwback hottie! This black ensemble packaged with her blonde tresses and her alabaster skin makes the entire look a timeless treasure.

Couples Among’us

The award goes to….Lara Carlson and Blair Mirelli. Now usually couples dress to impress by matching and trying to look so cute for the cameras. But this is Vermont and there are no paparazzi following us around. Not only do they look the part of a great couple, but are each independently well dressed, which in turn is why I give them my best dressed couple award. Lara Carlson, our own Olympic Diva, is a shining example of a woman who takes pride in her appearance. The classic button down shirt, fitted to the waist paired with a wide legged trouser is an example of her skills with a charge card! She knows what fits and wears it well…and wear she does as her best dressed man to her right side, Mister Blair! He usually pairs tailored pants to a great button down, usually in a purple or blue, and always is manscaped and put together well. Simple and understated is his mantra. Together they are a dynamic duo of beauty and brains.

In closing, we congratulate our award winners! Take notice campus, these individuals are just a few examples of fashion going in the right direction and knowing what works for your individual body type and personality. I take style as a choice, the choice to look good on the outside and feel good on the inside! You can say “screw the world” and wear sweatpants every day of your life. There is nothing wrong with that. If you feel good, wear it. If you like it, buy it. Try something new over the coming year…try a new color, print, purse or shoe but remember, if all else fails, that having it all is possible, just look at me! Love ya mean it…..

Signing off for the last time

I.M. Stylish

Fierce, Fabulous and Flawless

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