Fresh perspectives

What can I say about the first semester so far? Hmm..I can notice that basically all of the freshman class is mingling with one another, instead of forming small clicks of their own. My experience as a freshman so far has been a lot of fun. My suite mates are pretty much seven of the best guys to hang out with and the hockey team have been supportive of me doing pre-season training with them. I would also have to say that, every one of my suitemates have had an influence on me. Making new friends isn’t always easy, but people have to realize that everyone is just as nervous as they are and everyone is willing to make friends. The homework load is not really what I expected, it seems a little bit too late as compared to High School, but that could just be because we have more free time than we are used to. The food selection at Huden and Fireside is awesome and the unlimited meal plan is pretty much the best thing ever thought of. Everyone seems to be complaining about the prices of books, well they are right! For four books it cost me $400 which is just over one-hundred gallons of gas. Would you rather have the one-hundred gallons of gas or the four books? I guess it really all depends on whether or not you want an education. The point is simple, to get an education you need books and to get books you need to pay a crap load of money so we all have to deal with it. Classes aren’t even that bad; Monday, Wednesday and Friday I have class from 9-12 and on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-5, now who could complain with an amazing schedule like that? They aren’t even that hard if you just do the work and pay attention, but that’s always the case when it comes to school.

Nothing really seems that different than living with my parents except for the fact that they aren’t around and I have to buy my own food sometimes. If anyone is homesick even a little bit don’t worry, I’m right there with you. I miss playing hockey every night with my old team, hanging out with the people that I care the most about, sleeping in my nice comfortable bed and eating home cooked meals. I find myself looking at old photos, talking to old friends and even calling home just about every day and that is something I thought I would never do. We do have more freedoms being here, such as; being able to stay out as late as we want, eating what we want and hanging out with whom we want. Just ask yourself this one questions, “Do I miss home? I bet the answer to that question is yes. Enjoy your time here though, because these are going to be the four best years of your life!

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