What the Hell Happened? Sports bloopers

Alrighty, I’ve been given the green light to share some more sports news. As always, with all the highlights being praised on the news, I’m here to show you the goofs and wacky stuff that make you wonder “what the hell happened?”

Man, what a wild way to cap off a wild NFL season. Raiders vs. Chargers shocked everyone as they went to OT and seemingly were going to take the tie that would put the Chargers into the playoffs and give the Steelers the boot.

However, it was not to be.

The Chargers called what is now considered to be the stupidest timeout in history, and rightfully so.

It gave the Raiders enough time to kick the winning field goal to end the Chargers’ season for Christ’s sake.

A Raiders player was then seen after the game telling a Chargers player that they would’ve let the game end in a tie if they didn’t call the timeout.

L.A. Chargers, What the hell happened!? 

Some NBA news here, the Washington Wizards just endured the second-biggest blown lead in NBA history. 

The Clippers, who didn’t have Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, or most of their lineup, were down 66-31 at one point in the game.

The 35-point lead gave the Wizards a 99.6% chance to win the game.

Even at the end of the third quarter it was 93-76, and it was 102-91 with only five minutes left.

The Clippers found themselves within three points with seconds left when Luke Kennard launched up a prayer to tie it with a second and change left.

So now we go to OT, right?


Not a chance dawg, this is what the hell happened, you know this shit is gonna be crazy!

Along with the tying three-pointer, the Wizards fouled Kennard, so now he gets a free throw that will give them a one-point lead. The NBA scriptwriters gave it the green light, and the Clippers completed the comeback. 

Washington Wizards, what the hell happened?

Speaking of scriptwriters, let’s talk about the amazing NFL divisional round we just witnessed, because…

 hoooooooolyyyyyyyy shit! 

This weekend was amazing. Regardless of if your team lost, you must enjoy a close game with clutch plays, and there was nothing but close games with clutch plays this weekend.

The divisional round consisted of:

Bengals vs. Titans, which ended in a walk-off field goal from the rookie, Evan McPherson, coming up huge.

Then it was Packers vs. 49ers, which also ended in a walk-off field goal, this time from the veteran, Robbie Gould. 

Rams vs. Bucs delivered a classic. Tom Brady came back from a 27-3 deficit (like he does) but with half a minute left, Matthew Stafford delivered a missile to set them up for… you guessed it, another walk-off field goal, proving doubters wrong by doing the impossible, and ending a Brady comeback.

And just when it couldn’t get any better, the script called for Chiefs vs. Bills, which gave us the game of the year. We got a million lead changes in the last few minutes, capped with a 13 second drive to tie the game. The chiefs won the OT coin toss, and scored the walk-off touchdown, leaving many to wonder why they let a coin flip and one drive decide a game, and what the final score would’ve been if they had let the game play out properly.

Someone give the NFL an Oscar for this; I mean you can’t make this stuff up. 

In total honesty, I can’t even explain to you what the hell happened.

Oh shit, I forgot to come up with the biggest loser. 

Let’s just give it to the MLB and the Player’s Association. 

Seriously guys, this MLB lockout isn’t funny anymore. 

It never was.

Please stop it, I mean now you’ve sucked all the fun out of this. Thanks a lot.

Guys, what the hell is happening?

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