Jamming the rails

The weather wasn’t very promising early in the day but the clouds cleared and it turned into a perfect day for some shredding. With DJ Paul Metayer blasting tunes, Ryan Andrews cooking dogs and burgers on the grill, and about 15-20 guys, girls, skiers, and boarders throwin’ down on the rails, the Ride Our Rails jam managed to attract a good number of excited spectators.

Neil Bunker did a great job of gathering troops to make it all happen.

It took a lot of hard work to set up the jam due to lack of snow, but with help from Bill Bunker, and Rick Wearing of the physical plant and a bunch of dedicated shredders, the snowboarding club got the job done. Niels Krejcir, Al Burrows, and Ian “Skaggs” Scaglione all made multiple trips to Africa filling their trucks up with snow and bringing it back for the rails. This took a lot of hard work but it was apparent it would pay off once DJ Paul got on the ones & twos and it was time to start riding.

The set up consisted of a 15 ft flat rail, a 24 ft down rail, and an up flat box. The box was pretty sticky so the rails turned into the main attraction.

It was decided early that this jam wasn’t a competition because everyone is a winner in the Snowboard Clubs eyes.

As for best bail, I don’t know if you want to ask the crowd or the mud that met Neil Bunkers’ face, but, without a doubt, it was a unanimous decision. Luckily the ground was soft and forgiving so Bunker didn’t get hurt, just a bit dirty. That comes with the territory when you’re throwing yourself around in a spring rail jam.

If you would like to get involved and help organize more enjoyable events look for Snowboard Club flyers around campus for Snowboard Club meetings, or look for the group on Facebook.

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