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So, the past two weeks have been hectic and didn’t seem to want to end. Jo and I went to the Hanson concert, which starts with a one mile walk. On the walk, I got a splinter in my foot which I didn’t realize ’til I got home. It had hurt so bad all night and the next day.

Now, I’m scurrying to get stuff done after essentially wasting a day waiting outside Higher Ground for the power to come on after an accident down the road. And it seemed like the bad stuff kept getting worse.

Eight hours. We were at Higher Ground for eight hours before Hanson even went on and we were exhausted and grouchy. It’s such a long story to explain but I will tell you the main point: certain people are jerks.

It was great hanging out with Jo and getting to know her. We met up with my friend Nick in Burlington and had a blast.

Meanwhile, the Hanson guys are really chill. I mean, they were hanging out with a hundred girls (everyman’s fantasy?) and chatting away with them. Isaac smells fantastic.

I wish I could have enjoyed the concert more, but when I get extremely tired, I start shaking and can’t control my moodiness. It’s stupid.

On another note, I am having a horrible reaction to the sun. It happens every year around this time, but this year it’s so much worse on one arm. Normally it’s evenly distributed and I get more bumps on my hands. They itch, look gross, and then go away.

About a week now, my left arm has been getting steadily worse. I think I’ll need to wear some sleeve on my arm to keep the sun from hitting it while I drive.

I hate the sun.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad this beautiful weather is here, but this is the time of year I am not comfortable and I sunburn, and I hurt and itch.Waaaaah.

OK, enough whining.

I’ve been working on so many projects and papers that things have slipped through the cracks. I’m still nervous about the real world. I have hope that things will be alright.

I am watching “The Simpsons” so how can I not be happy right this minute? I do need more food. And something to drink. Hmmmm.what to do?

I suppose I will start by calming my arm’s irritations. My computer is super hot.literally. The battery gets so hot so fast and it never holds a charge. I wish I could afford a new one because I would throw this one out the window.

On a happier note, ya’ll take care for the next couple of weeks. It’s almost crunch time (more so than recently) and finals are approaching. It’s scary to think that this is my last finals week.

I’m going to miss this place, and I have a feeling that I’ll still be around, even if I’m not in classes. Maybe I’ll become a hobo and live on the sidewalks of the campus.


“When every eye is on the fortune/ It can only breed contempt/ They say blood is thicker than oceans/ Still we box our brothers in/ I find hope it gives me rest.” Hanson – “The Great Divide.

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