Fashion 101

Congratulations class!
You have made it to the end of the Spring semester and now we just have one more lesson before we give out our final awards of the year. With Graduation approaching, for some of us, the open toed shoe seems to be the way to go.
As for right now, with a few weeks before the big day, there are some gnarly looking toes and feet among the masses on campus. Let me first say, GROSS! to some of you. Just because the weather allows for a sandal type of footwear doesn’t mean you have the RIGHT to wear one.
I am going to rant for about 2 seconds right now….WASH YOUR FEET! There is nothing I hate seeing more then a hottie walking around campus and the hooves are not polised, cleansed or even OK to look at.
Dirty feet seem to be the rage on campus, not from everyone, but from a select few of you. You know who you are!
Let’s make a pact and agree that before the “fungus from down undus” attacks the person sitting next to you in class, you should put on a closed toe shoe or hit the local pedi stand and get those little piggies cleaned and looking good! (Yes boys that means you too!)
So if you don’t want to pay for a nice pedi, you can give yourself one.
Step 1: SOAK SOAK SOAK. Try finding a great smelling aromatherapy soak for your tootsies. This is a great way to relax the skin surrounding the toes and also it relaxes you!
Step 2: The cuticle is our friend, and enemy if not taken care of. Have you seen some of the cuticle growth on your own feet when you do not take care of it? Umm nasty! So soaking your feet is going to soften up this hard skin around the nail bed on each toe!
Step 3: This step is not required, but it makes your feet feel amazing! Try grabbing a pumice rub or stone the next time you head out to your local Walgreens. Do a home foot scrub on your feet and wash the dirt away!
Step 4: Massage your feet with lotion! Get a great lotion with plenty of slip and start on the bottom of the feet and work over the sides, to the top of the foot and out towards the toes. This is also going to increase blood flow and circulation throughout the foot. It will also get the hydration back into the skin and really make your feet feel smooth and clean.
Step 5: Polish: Now I am not a huge fan of the French manicure on the toes, nor am I a huge fan of bright colors to bring attention to your feet! But whatever mood you are in, go with a color that matches that mood and work the hell out of it with our kitten heels!
Step 6: Try and do this type of pedicure at least once a week. Your feet will love you for it, and they do a lot of work for most of us.
That is my little special edition of the home pedi! Please be advised I am not telling you to go out and get a professional one when you can do one at home. Try having a mani/pedi party and invite the queens over, they know what’s up!
I am all about doing what works for you, if that means heading out to LA NAILS and getting one professionally done, then go for it.
If you want to do a home night with a bottle of wine, a Jake Gylenhall movie and have a cal fast and work on your hooves then go for it! Whatever you do make it work!
Remember, fashion rocks! You make it what it is. It’s part of who you are! Love life and all it has to offer and try and think before you leave the house in sweats and a hoodie!
We are watching….

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