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It’s no secret to those who know me that I am a fantasy sports addict. I spend my life updating my rosters, proposing trades and researching how certain players are expected to perform. I’ve been trying to get a Castleton fantasy league going, but so far it’s just me as the league’s commissioner.Assuming others will finally man up and join my league, I’m going map out my draft picks.

With the first pick in the draft, it’s hard to decide between Courtney Chadburn and Josh Costa. It’s like choosing between Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson. Costa leads the men’s soccer team with five goals so far this season, making him a tempting first pick. But it’s hard to argue with Chadburn’s 24 goals last season. She has one so far this season, but I expect about seven more when the team plays Lyndon State. So guess I have to go with Chadburn with my first pick in the draft. She had 21 goals in her freshman season and 24 last season, so I’d say she’s the obvious choice.

The pick has to compliment my first round pick of Chadburn. My offense is already solid, but why not load up while the stars are still on the board? Sarah Flore from the field hockey team would be a steal at this point in the draft with her four goals and three assists early on this season. Flore’s teammate Courtney Nolan would also be a great offensive pick with her ability to attack the net and rack up assists. Nolan’s two goals and three assists make her a consistent player to pick up in an early round. My gut tells me to go with Flore on this one, though. I see her having a breakout year and expect around 20 goals out of her.

I’ve loaded up my offense so far, but I need one more weapon offensively to give me that extra edge. I narrowed down my third pick to Tyler Carpenter, Shane Brozowski, and Evan Cassidy. These football players being left on the board at this point in the draft makes me embarrassed for the jokers I talked into joining this league because none of them should be available for a third round pick. Brozowski is tempting because of his knack for reading the defense and making smart throws, and Cassidy is a double threat because of his ability to return the ball as well as burning corners at the wideout position, but if Carpenter is available I’m taking him. This kid is a beast, and I would gladly dub him the nickname of Beast Mode if Marshawn Lynch didn’t already claim it. Carpenter has 109 rushing yards and two touchdowns in the first two games of the season, and this kid hasn’t even gotten going yet.

I’m happy with my picks so far, in fact I’m ecstatic. I was lucky to draft Chadburn, but Flore was a second round steal in my mind, and Carpenter falling to the third round was a miracle. I have my players, I expect big things out of them, now I just need to find people for my league.

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