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Nothing says confidence like winning clutch games and making a statement – the Spartans
have been doing both.The football team made a statement with Carl Ojala’s 20-yard field goal, oh yeah I forgot to mention – it was a game winning field goal with 11 seconds to go in the game. I can’t say enough about how impressive this football team has been in its first three games. The 31-28 win over Gallaudet gave the Spartans their first conference win of the season and has the team at 1-2 heading into their game against Mount Ida. Just based on how this team performed against Plymouth and Gallaudet I like the Spartans in almost any matchup now. This defense is gritty, the offense is sexy, and the conference doesn’t look at the Spartans as the younger brother they can beat up on anymore.

Speaking of getting beat up, I feel bad for any field hockey team playing the Spartans this year. So far the team is off to a 6-2 start and doesn’t look to be slowing down. Sarah Flore has 11 goals and three assists on the season and goaltender Siobhan Whittemore has posted two shutouts and has only allowed 12 goals against in eight games played. I like the youth, aggressiveness, and heart this team has played with so far, this will be a difficult team to beat down the stretch.

Another team that won’t be easy to beat down the home stretch will be the men’s soccer team. Josh Costa has found the net eight times in the first nine games, I see Costa averaging about a goal a game at the end of the season. This Spartan soccer team has a lot of talent and play exceptionally well in close games. Recently the men’s soccer team won in overtime against Potsdam State 2-1, coming off the heels of a 1-0 loss in double overtime against Plattsburgh State. I’ll take this team to walk through the NAC and hoist the hardware this year for the main fact that the team plays with such tenacity in close games – that’s my difference maker for this team.

Out of all the statements made this season the women’s soccer team has made the most profound statement of all – try and stop Chadburn and we’ll hit you with other weapons. This is intimidating because Courtney Chadburn has a presence on the field, defenders would be stupid to ignore her. It does, however, make life a little difficult for the defense and goaltender when Hilary Cooke and Megan Blongy have been playing so consistent to Chadburn’s play. This three-headed monster might be the most dominating force in NAC soccer this year. All three players have the potential to score more than 20 goals, and not to mention with a 5-2 record to start the season this team knows how to win games too. I like this team’s swagger on offense and defense; I’m thinking NAC championship. I don’t think many teams can stop Chadburn to begin with, but even if they can stop her I don’t think they’ll stop Cooke or Blongy.

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