Carolina Liar makes some rock-star requests

Celebrities are well known for their ridiculous demands both backstage and in hotel rooms, so when Castleton hosted Carolina Liar, many students were intrigued to know what kind of insane requests the band might have. For the most part, the Carolina Liar hospitality rider was reasonable. Certain requests, such as the request for two cases of beer (“Corona, Stella, Singha, and or Heineken”) could not be met, as this is a college and not a standard venue.

Some of the band’s requests did get rather specific, such as their deli tray needs.

“One pound of each, organic, hormone free, freshly shaved or thinly sliced: honey ham, smoked turkey, and salami in plastic bags.”

However, this request was not all that extreme. Everyone has their own specific preferences, and compared to other celebrity requests, Carolina Liar appear incredibly easy to please.

According to’s list “30 Ridiculous Celebrity Demands” Paul McCartney requires “no more and no less” than 19 six-foot leafy plants. Justin Timberlake requires someone to disinfect all the doors in his hotel every two hours.

David Hasselhoff “insists on a life size cut of himself backstage.”

Barbara Streisand, being the ultimate diva, must have rose petals in her hotel room toilet and peach toilet paper and towels “to match her complexion.”

One of the most famous rider requests is probably Van Halen’s extreme hatred for brown M&Ms. The rider for the 1982 Van Halen World Tour, all 53 pages, is available to view on The list is incredibly detailed and rigid, but the one detail that stands out the most is the severe warning “Absolutely no brown ones.”

Van Halen also required different deli meats and cheeses on even days versus odd days.

Coheed and Cambria, according to the rider posted at, cannot light their cigarettes with anything but red disposable lighters.

Mariah Carey has apparently become too classy for her once standard bottle of Cristal and a pack of bendy straws, an article on New York Magazine’s Web site announced.

However, James Brown easily takes the cake for the most outrageous, rather disturbing, request. Although number 12 on Glamorati’s list, Brown’s request for “two young ladies under the age of 21 and a woman’s hair dryer” is certainly out there, and specific.

When compared to these demands, Carolina Liar appears incredibly normal. It could be because they are still up and coming stars, or perhaps they truly are just regular people and can function with standard accommodations like the rest of us.

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