Skate Park rolling into CSC

Students at Castleton State College have been begging for a skate park for the past year and with an increase in the number of students who are also skateboarders and bikers, that demand is sure to increase as well. After having a meeting with students and discussing what they wanted to add to the slab of concrete, Dean of Administration Bill Allen said he has successfully found a company to provide the objects to build the park.

“We finally got a meeting where students showed up and were able to tell us what they wanted,” said Allen.

It has taken a long time, however, for the school to find a company that would provide what students wanted that was also in the school’s price range, Allen said. Eventually, the school found the DIY series kit made by the American Ramp Company, which specializes in skate parks. Costing $15,000, the DIY series kit includes two bank ramps, two grind rails, a planter, two quarter pipes, three grindboxes, stairs and two wedges.

“I think most of us are looking forward to the quarter pipes because it gives us a drop-in, but all in all, we just want this finished so we can use it,” said junior Matt Schlieper.

According to junior Aidan Fortney, school officials initially said the skate park was going to be finished last year, but now won’t be completed until the week of Sept. 20. Students will have to continue skating on the bare concrete slab until that time.

“To be honest, it really burnt a hole in my heart when I saw that the skate park still was not finished,” said Fortney.

The park features get here on Sept. 14 and then it takes about a week for the construction to be completed, Allen said.

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