Ramada Inn – temp. dorm

Two beds with ruffled undone sheets, two desks with miscellaneous items covering the tops, hampers filled with clothes, and posters and pictures everywhere. Sounds like the typical dorm room. But in this hall the maid is in.As of September 2, 36 students are residing at the Ramada in Rutland until they can move on to the college campus. But 20 of those students are moving on to campus the weekend of the fourth said Michael Robilotto, the director of residence life at Castleton. Students were placed there because they turned in their housing later, when there was no more space in the dorms but instead of turning those students away the school had come up with the alternative to live in the Ramada. The school did not want to force the students to find their own accommodations off campus; they also offered students living on campus already a $750 incentive to move off campus. About 17 people took that offer said Robilotto.

Some students are okay with living at the Ramada though. Two students asked if they could be the last to leave. Chelsea Reppin is one of them.

“My first reaction was excitement because my brother lives in Castleton Hall and he told me about other people who had to do it and he said I’d have fun,” Reppin said while sitting on her queen sized bed against a wall of pictures she took herself.

Reppin believes that there are more pros than cons to staying at the hotel. For example more space, air conditioning, a queen sized bed and cleaning service twice a week. She is also happy with her room and roommate.

“I don’t wana chance it,” said Repping when explaining how slim the chances could be of her getting a good room and roommate she likes a second time.

The students that are at the Ramada are happy with their CA Sam Funk. They said they are happy about the common space in the Enterprise building where Funk sets up activities for them to do. It is like they have their own little community. Paulita Fysh, Reppin’s roommate, feels closer with the people there since she has been living there too.

Even though Fysh feels close to those around her she would have rather just been on campus the whole time. She thought it was cool at first when she first found out. But the first night there her toilet broke and the night manager did not understand and told her he was sick of complaints. She also recently saw a mouse running in her room. Fysh was unhappy with how long it took for the laundry room to be completed. However the biggest problem for all of the students has been the bus schedule that shuttles them back to campus.

“The busses are what screw everything up,” said Fysh while she went on to explain how it becomes difficult to use her meal plan on campus because of the busses and if you forget something you can’t just run back to get it.

Fysh is always two hours early for class too because of when the buses come. This is a problem for all of the students staying there Reppin has to take the bus at 11 but her class is not until two. Joe Seeger another student residing at the Ramada agrees.

“It’s frustrating because the busses are oddly times with arrival and pick up times,” Seeger said as he arrived at the hotel later in the afternoon.

Seeger said he was pretty upset when he found out that he had to stay there but he thinks he is more “chill” about it than others who are staying there.

As of now rooms on campus have opened due students not coming back, moving off campus, or withdrawing from the school. Most of these rooms are female rooms according to Robilotto. Students are promised to be on campus by at least the end of the semester.

“Moving on to campus will be another first experience for us,” said Fysh.

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