Movie Review: Eat Pray Love

She eats in Italy, she prays in India and gets on with her life in Indonesia. The film, based on the New York Times bestselling memoir of the same title by Elizabeth Gilbert, tells the emotional story of one woman’s journey to self-discovery. Julia Roberts stars as Elizabeth Gilbert, a woman who finds herself divorced, depressed and in need of change. To reignite her zest for life Roberts plans a trip to Italy, India and Indonesia.

In Italy she learns Italian, makes amazing friends and eats an insane amount of pasta. She learns to eat guilt free and buy a bigger pair of jeans. She leaves Italy to live in an Ashram in India. Her time in India teaches her to pray, to accept and to forgive. The third leg of journey takes her to Bali where she works with a medicine man teaching him English and absorbing some of his wisdom. Oh and she also falls in love. She eats, she prays and she loves.

Directed by Ryan Murphy the producer of Glee, Nip/Tuck and Running with Scissors, the film is well paced and filled with gorgeous footage of the countries she visits. Roberts captures the emotional complexity of a woman who has lost her way with amazing poise and believability.

The film is beautiful to watch the backdrop of a sun soaked Italy, vibrant India and lush Bali is exquisite. They also take the sting out of the sometimes-dull never-ending discussion of how to forgive, how to be happy and how to find peace. With the combination of Julia Roberts and the word love in the title it’s a safe bet to classify this movie as a chick-flick. But it’s no love story. There’s no guy meets girl, something keeps them apart.yata yata. Even though she does meet a guy.but it’s not about the relationship it’s about life and Roberts quest to find herself in a world she all to easily gets lost in. If watching a skinny girl wolf down carbs doesn’t infuriate you and women discussing heartache doesn’t make you roll your eyes, Eat Pray Love is worth experiencing.

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