Fresh Perspectives

One thing I’ve come to terms with here at Castleton is that I can never rely on an alarm clock for anything. My first day of ice hockey conditioning started with me rolling out of bed groggy, mumbling obscenities and showing up five minutes late. Not the best first impression, but I’d be lying if I said I was ever on time for anything. It’s comforting in a somewhat sarcastic way to see that some things never do change no matter how old you get. Well, I guess it’s not exactly the best thing that I carry these bad habits as I start my first year as a freshman at Castleton. My plan to be perfectly organized for college hasn’t exactly held together too well thus far. I’ll get the hang of it one of these days, I guess. But as my constant procrastination shows, it most likely won’t be anytime soon.

I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that I have to be responsible and work for what I want accomplish on my own in college. I feel like I’m not ready to take on that responsibility sometimes though.

I constantly look at the pictures on my desk during the days and wish I was back at home instead. All of these pictures are little reminders of what I have waiting for me in Connecticut. Even if it’s the place that I constantly complain about, I still miss it, and I wish I was still there sometimes.

The photos of my newborn self being held by my mom and my dad are just reminders that I’m growing up, and that I need to appreciate all the opportunities they have given me. Maybe I didn’t grow up too fast, maybe I just wish that I really made better use of all that they provided me with. I wish I didn’t take them for granted so much.

Most of all, I wish I could blame that damn alarm clock for the time that has passed me by so fast. I wish I could go back to the summer with my boyfriend, good friends and a little less responsibility. However, this alarm clock doesn’t have a snooze button, and eventually I will have to wake up to college life.

-Bridgit Erin Connors

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