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It seems we leave this school just as quickly as we’re thrown into it. The end and the beginning are so incredibly similar, it’s hard to separate the two at times. There’s chaos, confusion, nervousness, yelling, screaming, multiple headaches. Half the time we don’t know whether we’re coming or going. But is that so bad?

Something clicked when I handed in my final registration card to Student Services the other day.

‘Why have we always made registration out to be so much more of a hassle than it needs to be?’

Don’t get me wrong; I’ve certainly paid my dues, taking my turn at freaking out over which classes were available, and how to finagle my way into them. But sometimes, sometimes we just make mountains out of molehills.

Maybe I’m having a change of heart because I’ll never have to deal with it again, or maybe I’m just finally seeing the light.

Choosing our classes helps teach us a sense of management and responsibility, and since we’re all practically adults here, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to handle it.

We’ve all been taught that if we want something, the only way to get it is to, well, physically go and get it. In this situation, there aren’t any walls we need to break down, no barriers we have to bust through. We simply need to communicate to one another until things are settled.

We all have learned from past experience that walking into a situation with an attitude only makes matters worse. And time after time we see a fellow student on the brink of tears because a certain class is filled up. ‘Upset’ can quickly turn into ‘angry’, and acting on impulse because of anger can only make you look like a fool.

How do you think a teacher or someone who’s working in the registration office is going to react when you fly in there like a bat out of hell, demanding your schedule be perfect?

Students need to realize that the administration isn’t the enemy here. Nobody’s out there trying to dupe us or make us cry, especially when it comes to such a ‘stressful’ time such as registration.

So keep in mind that how you act displays a lot about your character, and people take note of things. We all need to try and control our urges to lose our tempers at the people sitting behind the desks; they’re doing the best they can.

And besides, we’re all in college now, and figuring things out for ourselves can be a little difficult at times.

Let’s suck it up and consider ourselves fortunate.

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