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Free SUV’s. Free food. No traffic and no crowds. Sounds like a dream come true, right? Until you add the overwhelming amount of zombies wandering around the country, waiting to feast on the bodies of unaware people, turning your dream into a nightmare. This is Zombieland.

Post zombie apocolypse, ultimate nerd Jesse Eisenberg and badass Woody Harrelson play two strangers that meet on a deserted road and decide to join forces to fight off the flesh hungry undead. After running into two scheming sisters, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin, who steal their car and weapons, the men are left to deal with them and the taunting goal of staying human in a zombie ruled country, a task that is, at times, too hard to handle. They later meet up with the two girls again and make a pact to stick together, no stealing involved, and set out to find the places they are all looking for, which ranges from former hometowns to the ultimate search for the country’s last twinkie.

You are taken into their dreamland where they can take any car they want, go to empty amusement parks, walk into fully stocked grocery stores and eat whatever foods they desire. They even spend the night with Bill Murray, which the four of them all did with enjoyment, until his sudden accidental death. All of this combined almost makes you forget about the rifles and baseball bats they carry at their sides 24/7, in case of a suprising attack.

Of course this film, just like every other one, has love interests involved between the two teenagers and deep emotions that tear them apart each character on the inside, but all of that is practically masked by the dry but obvious humor the film contains.

This is a comedic look into a world taken over by souless undead bodies. And it is very refreshing, seeing as it gives us a break from the typical zombie films that use dark lighting, torn apart cities and distraught victims to set the mood. Instead, this version of these crazed monster films, make light of a situation no one would ever want to be in. You see more humor than horror.

This movie is fun to watch, so fun that you almost forget that there are living corpses following the main characters. This was a movie that actually made me appreciate zombie films.

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