Huden listens to students’ feedback

Huden Dining Hall has long been a place where students and faculty alike can come to sit down and enjoy a good meal. But did you know that it can get better and with your ideas?The Huden Food Committee meets once every two weeks to discuss the dining hall and the experiences that people have when they dine there. A recent change in cereal options is one example of how the committee is listening to students and responding to their wishes.

“I love the new Apple Jacks. I pretty much eat them for every meal,” said Julie Whitman, a sophomore at Castleton.

But the committee isn’t stopping with cereal. Nutritional value signs are on the way and chicken fajitas could be right behind. One student even suggested swordfish – yes, swordfish – and it was actually written down as a possibility with a Huden official saying it is a possibility.

The average student might think Huden officials just throw away any suggestion they hear, but committee members say that isn’t the case and that students should be involved in what they want to eat.

Kelsey White is the student representative to the committee and helps to push students’ thoughts and ideas into becoming a reality. Ideas that were addressed at a recent meeting included adding Greek yogurt, fixing wobbly dining seats and tables, offering chicken fajitas, and even the possibility of getting Reese’s Puffs as a “Cereal of the Week” theme.

“My job is to represent the students of Castleton and what they’d like to see happen with the cafeteria,” White said. “We are moving forward on many ideas that would help to make Huden more enjoyable and nutritious.”

There are some things, however, that will never change including students likes and dislikes for certain foods and a resistance to change.

“I want the Fruit Loops back,” Whitman said.

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