Fresh Perspectives

It’s getting cold and everyone’s got the swine. Throughout the school it started with the announcement that two students came down with swine flu. From that moment everyone assumed they were next, to the point where it got to be old news.I kept myself healthy for a while, but this week my immune system cracked and I found myself sick again.

In May I had the pig flu, and was quarantined in my room for a week. It was not fun but wasn’t really that bad. Because I’ve already had it, I am supposed to be immune to it. There are new strains of it though as it’s flu season and everyone is sick with something. Some of my friends have been sent home and some have told me their roommate has swine flu and there really is just a dark cloud surrounding the campus.

While writing this I can feel my head just clogging up with congestion. After missing some of my classes this week, I am dedicating my weekend to getting back on track. I went to bed last night around 1 a.m. after dozing off to Tropic Thunder, which is amazing. I woke up today at 1:30 p.m. and thought it was nine in the morning. Today felt like such a waste, because after only three hours of being awake it was already dark, I thought I was in Alaska. Accomplishing taking a shower and putting $5 of regular in the old wagon today felt good. So everyone is sick and trying to stay healthy in order to stay on top their schoolwork. I’m trying to do well, but getting sick really just puts a hole in the bucket of water.

The bucket needs to stay pretty full in order for success as a Castleton freshman. It’s like a race to the other side trying not to spill your water. Sickness is that damn kid who trips you when you think you’re almost there. Well that’s never happened to me, but I imagine it’d be pretty unfortunate.

My professors have been very lenient to me allowing for decent grades, and that has been more than helpful during this race. There have been drawbacks during this semester, and I feel like being at college one needs to be responsible to get a good grade. So good luck everyone, it’s not all about being the first one to cross the line, but more about just crossing that line with a bucket of water.

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