Boozin’ at CSC

Drinking is something that is always talked about on college campuses. Castleton has had its fair share of publicity about drinking this year, with the Rutland Herald article written about a Crystal Meadows party at which numerous students were given drinking citations.But one thing that hasn’t been profiled in the local news is the schools weekly Pub Night. Most everyone on campus is aware that Pub Night is held Thursday nights in Huden. Students can go there, have a drink, check out live entertainment, and hang out with their peers and professors without having to leave campus.

The local college bar known as, “The Dog,” has long been the Thursday night hot spot. It gets most of its business by promoting 50-cent drafts.

Pub Night is different, supplying a responsible safe environment for people to come socially drink and hang out.

The Dog on the other hand, is known as a place of excess. Many feel to have a good time there requires countless beers.

When Pub Night started The Dog was still by far the more popular Thursday night place to be. But with live music, comedy, free pizza and a more mellow atmosphere, Pub Night has gained acceptance.

So congratulations to students and faculty involved in Pub Night. They offer a positive venue where drunk or sober, a student or professor can come and have a great time. For faculty members, like professor Phil Lamy, who helped establish pub night the vision has been realized. It is an event where students can interact with teachers on a mature level outside of the classroom, whether over a beer or not.

Pub Night has shown us it is possible to have a few drinks, socialize with peer and professors and remembering every aspect of the Thursday evening. Although organizers thought it might never happen, Pub Night finally has a permanent home in the Spartan Room in Huden Dining Hall.

So next Thursday night, instead of running to The Dog grab your favorite professor and head on over to Pub Night.

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