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In this what-if world that takes place at some unknown point in the future, a hyperspace gate has been created. It only had one teensy side effect. For most of the month, Pittsburgh is stuck on a place called Elfhome–an alternate world where the elves live. Tinker has grown up in Pittsburgh. Tinker’s not her real name of course, but since her real name is Alexander Graham Bell, she goes by a nickname. She and her cousin Oilcan (who’s real name is Orville Wright-their grandfather had a thing for inventors) think they can finally relax, because now that she’s turned 18, Tinker has the legal right to stay on Pittsburgh. But then, just before one Shutdown (when Pittsburgh returns to Earth for one day) some mad dogs chase a high ranking elf into the scrapyard that Tinker owns… Wen Spencer has a talent for blending magic and reality and making it seem real. In Tinker she captures many of the what-if thoughts that connect fantasy and reality. The result is a well written story that draws the reader in and makes them root for Tinker and her friends the whole way through.

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