Where’s my snowday!?

Man I was hoping for no school wednesday. Nothing against the profs, but days off are always awesome. I was a little bitter when clearing the 8 inches of snow off of my car, and I’m sure my roommate wasn’t too happy when he was helping me push the vehicle up my 100ft hill of a driveway, but oh well it’s all good. I would just like to know the qualifications for a snow day. Is it based on how many inches we get? How the roads in castleton are, or the sidewalks on campus? Or is it like groundhog day: someone of importance gets up in the morning and if they see their shadow on the ground we have school. I’m not sure, either way it’d be good to know… that way we’d have a way of predicting whether or not we’ll have class in the A.M.

Anyway, you readers should go check out the blood drive editorial by Laura Olsen, it’s a great read and she makes a great point.

Also, there’s big news coming soon that I’m not supposed to mention, but check out the main page tomorrow.

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