SA nixes bar in Huden

After two years of dealing with what one proponent called “bureaucratic bullshit” and one year of intense planning, the renovation for the Spartan Room inside of Huden has hit another snag, according to Joe Zeitler. The Third Place Committee has been planning on renovating the Spartan Room in Huden into a comfortable hang-out area by adding a fireplace, new tables — and a bar.

The Student Association, however, recently granted them just over half of the proposed $60,000 budget, with the stipulation that a bar could not be built with these funds.

“I’m interested to see how they came up with $35,000,” said Zeitler, who has been involved in the planning process. “I’m so thankful. It’s great.”

But Zeitler was perplexed that the committee would choose that amount after reviewing the project budget that devotes $28,000 to renovations alone (painting, bar construction, etc.), leaving only $7,000 for chairs, tables, and flat screen televisions. Even with removing the bar from their budget would only add $5,000 at most towards the furniture.

“We have to reanalyze what we are getting,” said Philip Lamy, the professor adviser of The Third Place Committee. “I think that $35,000 is a good chunk to get us going.”

The Third Place Committee met with the finance board Monday to discuss possibly receiving more money for the project and learn the reasons why the bar was cut from the funding.

But Lamy isn’t ready to give up on the bar just yet. He stated that they could either raise money for the bar in other ways or have it be an art project where students produce a “funky, unique Castleton bar.”

Originally, the Spartan Room was to be completed before students returned for the Spring semester, but Zeitler and Lamy said attributed the delay to the SA.

“It’s unacceptable for the senators not to know what the next step is,” Zeitler said when talking about the delays and extra meetings he had to attend in order to get the project this far. “They reply ‘I’m not really sure, ask VA [Victoria Angis].'”

Angis, the assistant director of student life, stated that she didn’t know what was going on with the pub. She said she was informed that the SA allocated $35,000 for the project, but has yet to look at the minutes she received last week.

She said she is excited about the renovation, but refused to comment on the bar replying it is a “nonissue.”

“The room definitely needs [a renovation],” she said. “Any improvement would be fabulous.”

Likewise, Dean of Students Greg Stone was excited about the renovation, but was glad the bar was cut.

“It isn’t an important part of the program,” Stone said, “which isn’t to say we won’t sell alcohol when appropriate.

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