Fashion 101

So BOYS! We will continue to put the bug in your ear about trying to beautify and simplify your look.
Instead of trying to “tell” you what to do, I figured I would hit the pavement and talk to those individuals that would influence you most…the female population of Castleton State College.
I found myself talking to some girls that simply didn’t really have a clue themselves, but I digress. I did get 3 major responses to the question that I posed to them all, which was:
“What is your biggest pet peeve regarding the male style on campus”
I received a plethora, yes a plethora of responses, but as I stated before, I narrowed it down to 3 major issues they all had.
Now boys, don’t get your boxers all knotted up; these are just issues that the girls on campus feel should be addressed.
I tend to agree.
They are easily remedied and remember, they are the ones that you want to impress ultimately aren’t they? So let’s start shall we.
Issue #1: “I hate it when guys pants are so short that you can see their ankles when they are walking, or when they sit down.”
Now boys c’mon. Are pants really that hard to find in your length?
I don’t think so.
LOSE the tapered design on your Levi 501’s and jump into the year 2008. Now on the flip side, a boot cut denim is not really for everyone either.
SO you have actually go into the store, and HELLO try on the jeans. You need to make sure that they fit in the front and the back.
Get the correct fit, loose the flood level pants and jump back into the boat and start sailing down the river “fierce.”
Issue #2: “Camo, camo, camo.”
Okay, so this is a big one for me as well.
Just because we live in the sticks doesn’t mean you want to become one of the shrubs and blend in to the country side.
How are any females going to notice you if you are standing right in front of them but you look like the tree and the bush that you are standing in front of?
Camo hats, vests and those god forsaken pants should NOT be worn to class. What are you hunting for in the classroom, an A or a woodchuck?
Unless you are the main character in a remake of Apocolypse Now, lose the camo and slide yourself into some cashmere.
Issue #3: “Flannel, it’s okay, but when you own one of every primary color its a bit much.”
I can sympathize with you all that want to wear flannel constantly.
I miss my mom too, but harkening back to wearing the same fabric that she wears to bed is probably not the most forward thinking idea some of you have had since coming here.
Boys, boys, boys-wearing flannel out to the local watering hole would be okay, but not with the girls on campus.
They want you to spruce yourselves up, throw out the flannel and work those tones pecs into something a bit more slim fitting and, dare we say, metrosexual?
How about a vintage fit Henley from American Eagle or even a sleeveless Tee from one of the fashion empires, Armani Exchange?
Think about it-but packing a keg in the front of you instead of those 6 pack abs will definitely not fly in the vintage fit. So hit the gym and lose the keg boys!
As always, my presence here on campus is limited and soon will be ending.
In May, the fashion 101 article will come to a close and so will the legacy I have left here for the Castleton fashionably challenged.
My words are a source of inspiration and I bet someday will grace the inside of a hallmark card.
Yes, and then I woke up, you are right. Remember that fashion is what you make it. It’s who you are.
You can work the runway like a diva and sing Streisand at the top of your lungs, but doing it in Prada or Gucci only heightens the experience. Oops there I go again, reminiscing!
If you look good you feel good……but say these 3 words everyday “fierce, fabulous and flawless” and ultimately it’s about you, just be selfish for a day!!!! Until next time!

I am Stylish!!!

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