CSCs own race track

Our local racetrack is a great thrill really. You enter the track on a downward slope, gaining speed into the Campus Center Chicane, you then continue to gain speed into the New Dorm left-hander. It’s then an uphill drag race passed the Babcock pits and after a few slight lefts and rights you’ll enter the Glenbrook sweeping left before finishing your fun on the Huden straight.

There are very few places where there are no speed limits. To our east in Germany there is the Autobahn and some places to our west in Montana. But there is one more place close to us that also has no speed limit — the Castleton campus.

Sure there are signs on South Street recommending we travel no faster than 30 mph, however, there are no posted signs on campus roads and many students can admit to seeing drivers doing well over 30 on our tight, one-laned campus roads.

The problem with this is that it’s tight and narrow and with cars parked illegally, speeding motorist can’t see who’s about to step out into the road. There haven’t been any problems with people getting hit on campus, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem.

Bob Godlewski, director of Public Safety, says that his officers haven’t brought the problem to his attention, therefore there isn’t one. Some of the officers have admitted to me that there is a problem, but clearly haven’t brought it up with Godlewski.

Some students discussing the problem have come up with some ways of slowing students down. Some have suggested stop signs in various places on the residential side of campus, particularly near the new building corner and maybe near the gym.

Someone else mentioned speed bumps. Some may think that this would be hard for the plows, but don’t forget that there have been speed bumps by the Fine Art Center for years that seemed to have held up well.

One would think that it would be common sense not to drive fast on a campus full of under the influence students who just need a snack from Huden. With everything else students have to worry about, getting hit by a car on campus shouldn’t be one of them. Should it?

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