President Wolk annonces plans for Spartan Stadium

The new plans for Spartan Stadium were revealed just after the press conference with new head football coach Rich Alercio. The construction for the stadium, which will seat 1500 people, is set to begin this spring. Presenting the designs was the architect heading up the process, Chris Sgarzi. He went on to explain just what the stadium will include.

The press boxes, concession stand and bathrooms will all be part of the same two-story building, that will sit atop the hill, where the tennis courts currently are. It will face what is now the baseball field. On the hill just below the current courts will be the rows of seating, and in front of them the field.

The stadium offers full radio and TV booths, two coaching boxes, a large main press box, and everything else a football stadium could have.

While a drawing of the finished stadium was shown, President Wolk encouraged reporters not to take pictures, because the designs are still tentative. However, from early illustrations it looks to include a clock tower with the Spartan logo, glass enclosed press boxes, and is going to be colored with Spartan green, along with gray and brown brick.

The seating arrangement will include 500 luxury seats for season-ticket holders, donators and other special guests. The remaining 1000 seats will sit everyone else. 100 tickets for standing room will also be sold at each game.

The field going in is going to be made from artificial turf, although there has been no decision on the exact kind. There has been no final announcement on the cost of the new stadium, as its design is not entirely finished.

The stadium is also going to be offered up to Vermont high schools for their big games, football, rugby and lacrosse state championships are all possibilities.

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