Fashion 101

Okay lalalaladies, you are going to get a break from me complaining about the style, or lack there of, on campus for this week. I am going to move on to one something a bit more interesting, the MEN of Castleton. Let’s harken back to a few months ago, when I mentioned that clean shaven faces on a nice chiseled face was the rage everywhere in an article.

Well how great was it to come back from a long winter break, and see that Grizzly Adams had returned to campus.

OMG, c’mon boys.

DO you really think that a little Castleton hottie is going to want to rub her newly exfoliated face, up against the rough and tumbleweed that you call “facial hair?”

Ummm, how about I answer that with a big, fat NO!

But let’s move on to something that you guys on campus would probably know about sleeping and laying around. Now I am not saying that all of the Castleton campus men are lazy, or mountain manish, but it’s starting to be a trend I am worried about.

If you do want to roll out of bed, not shower and mosey to class in what you rolled into the sac in the night before, then at least upgrade from a pair of shorts and a beer stained t-shirt.

What’s the rage men’s fashion right now? That’s right! PJ’s that look like outerwear!

Etro, a very hip and trendy new company, has a great printed drawstring pant that they are offering at $180.00.

Super cool and vintage like, the pants are cotton, and can be worn with a nice sandal in the summer on those breezy nights when you feel like the breeze is blowing just right!

For tops, PRADA, yes I said it, PRADA PRADA PRADA, is pushing their madras print top in grey. The shirt is super chic, at night or morning, and you can pair it with the matching pants, yes in madras print, or a sleek denim and throw a jacket over it and you are ready to go. A bit pricey at roughly $600.00, but hey doesn’t style usually win out in the end?

So boys, what are the style trends for spring? According to David Becker, co-owner of The Archive, “This spring is all about relaxed, washed fabrics, whether they be denim, leather, linen, cotton, or wool, with details that are handmade. The richness must be communicated subtly.”

But just because it says leather, it doesn’t mean chaps with the middle cut out. C’mon now! So, the cotton trouser or if you are unsure of the word “trouser,” then the word “pant” would be okay to substitute here, is one of the best new pants of the Spring season.

The Robert Geller WIde Leg Trouser, in GREY (remember how grey is the new black), is a SUPER HOT pant for men this Spring.

Not only does it have a great wide leg appeal, but more importantly, if you have some junk in the trunk, then this will give the illusion of a longer leg, also tricking the eye into thinking you are taller and leaner. Nothing wrong with that, now is there men? The pants are extremely modern and very edgy, and are very durable to wear.

On a final note, one of my favorite websites is This site has great potential to be a top distributor of name brand clothing and accessories at affordable prices. It’s great and if you haven’t checked it out, then you should be.

So as we close yet another trip for the fashionably challenged, we should remember that fashion is an outward appearance that you don’t want everyone to look at and judge you by.

Remember guys to look good and play hard, and if you are looking good then you are playing harder. Stay warm and cuddle up to that special someone that can says those 3 words that we all love. “I LOVE PRADA.”

Signing off one more time


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