Theater department is not Stage Left

My name is Jennifer, and I am both a current employee of Castleton and a recent alum of the Theater program. I often read the Spartan and think that you and the students are doing a great job.I especially like to see what students outside of the Theater Department think about the shows that are put up, as an outside perspective is always interesting. I have noticed something, though, in the past few articles that has irked me a little. I know it’s a picky thing, but the articles that spoke about “Twelfth Night” both said that the production was put up by Stage Left, the theater club.

This is actually inaccurate, as the formal Department and Harry McEnerny put all of these shows up, and Stage Left puts up very small informal cabarets, if anything at all.

This is in no way a criticism, so I do not want it to be taken as such. The articles are very good and it is great to see students talking openly about enjoying something like Shakespeare, which is often thought of as boring and avoided as a result, and expanding their horizons.

I just wanted to let all of you know for future reference that none of the formal main stage shows are put up by Stage Left or Alpha Psi Omega, which is the Theater honor society.

They are all formal productions put up by faculty and students together. These groups may be present, usually at intermission selling snacks, but they are not responsible for the formal shows.

Thanks for listening!!!

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