The peak oil crisis: Not if, but when

The Maya were an advanced civilization that prospered from 1000 BC to 800 AD. The Maya people had developed a formal written language, extravagant art, and immense architecture. Eventually residential urban cities were created and the civilization grew. Soon thereafter, astronomy, mathematics and religion became a cultural exploration and advanced the society even further. It has been estimated that there were around 50 million Maya people at the peak of their existence.So where is the Maya civilization today? At around 800-910 AD the Maya collapse occurred. An estimated 90% of the Maya culture died or disbursed during the collapse, which was presumably caused by the over consumption of the resources that had produced their society. Though the Maya collapse may appear as a gloomy historical occurrence, the fact of the matter is that history inevitably repeats itself.

The peak oil crisis that we are facing today is not a joke, it is not a scare tactic, and it will eventually manifest into chaos and anarchy when our civilization predictably collapses. In the short film Yu Koyo Peya, Tyler Kimble, of the Anthropik Network, paints a grim portrait of the future and our civilization’s demise. The term “yu koyo peya” comes from the Ipili Tribe of Papa New Guinea and means the land is ending.

The film includes a clip from the movie The Matrix where it is stated that humanity is much like a disease or a cancer in that it consumes to the point where relocation is needed for survival. Since Americans are the largest consuming population on the planet, it is remarkable that a majority of the nation can still go about their daily lives as sheep controlled by fraudulent shepherds.

In the 1950’s the late geophysicist Dr. Marion King Hubbert made scientific and mathematical discoveries that slapped our self-absorbed reality in the face. Hubbert calculated that oil production could be represented as a bell curve. Hubbert estimated the peak of U.S. oil production would transpire in the early 1970’s and that world oil production would occur in the late 1990’s or early 2000’s. Hubbert was vindicated in his estimation of U.S. oil production because by 1975 it was clear that all major oil fields in the U.S. were declining.

Due to factors such as the Iranian war and the oil crisis that occurred in this country during the 1970’s, world peak oil production was delayed about 10 years. It is now anticipated that world peak oil production will occur around 2010. is a website dedicated to delivering correct and sufficient information regarding the peak oil crisis. It contains credible resources and book lists to educate people about the expected catastrophe that peak oil will cause and how humans are contributing to the problem on a daily basis by remaining ignorant to the truth. Background information on Dr. Hubbert and the peak oil production bell curve can also be found on this website.

As a culture, we rely on the news to deliver the facts and important information regarding life on Earth. However, with corrupt broadcast stations such as the right wing Fox news source, it is plain to see why most of this country has no idea what is really going on in the world. On Nov. 14, 2006, an article titled “World oil supply still plentiful, study shows” appeared on The article, which comes from the information of Daniel Yergin (American author and economic researcher), states that there is no need to worry because there is still “3.74 trillion barrels of oil left — enough to last 122 years at current consumption rates”. The article then goes on to attack theorists such as Dr. Hubbert, claming that he simply miscalculated.

After researching Yergin further, I found an article he wrote in an issue of the Washington Post of July 2005. Yergin wrote “Between 2004 and 2010, capacity to produce oil could grow by 16 million barrels a day — from 85 million barrels per day to 101 million barrels a day — a 20 percent increase.”

So why is Yergin suddenly changing his tune? My guess is that since we are rapidly approaching dooms day, in regards to peak oil, Yergin, in conjunction with other news sources, is trying to keep the American population calm and sedated. If you don’t know the truth how could you possibly consider that something is false?

My advice to Americans, and all the people on Earth, is to educate yourself. If you want to believe the nonsense that the news is feeding us, then by all means remain ill bred. But if you value your life and the future of this planet then seek out the truth. Otherwise, when chaos ensues, you will have no one to blame but yourself.

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