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Deciding to attend college was not an easy decision for me. All through high school, I was planning to go to college. I took college-prep courses, SAT’s, and did everything I was supposed to as if I were going to college. But for whatever reason, I decided not to go. No one had ever been to college in my family, so there was no pressure there. After a year of working in Rutland, I decided to move to Burlington. After four years of working and living in Burlington, I again needed a change. Even though I was making enough money to live on my own, I was not happy with my job or where I was headed. The most logical change would be college, so I went. Even though I lived in a city with many good colleges, I decided I was only applying to Castleton. Why? Truthfully, I do not know. I just knew that was where I belonged. I applied to Castleton, was accepted, and moved back to Rutland. I started at Castleton as a 23-year-old freshman. I was very self-conscious and thought everyone would know I was older. I started Castleton as a non-traditional student but that quickly changed.

While a student, I worked in various work-study positions, which exposed me to all the activities happening on campus. During my second semester, I became involved in student activities, which led to me becoming involved in all aspects of student life. I joined so many committees and groups; I cannot name them all. It all culminated with being elected Student Association President.

After graduating from Castleton, I moved to Chicago. I worked at Kendall College and after two years decided I would attend graduate school. My boss at the time graduated from Rosary College and suggested I check the school out. She even took me on a tour. The minute I stepped on campus, it reminded me of Castleton. Once again, I found I was only applying to one school. I was accepted at Rosary College, which became Dominican University during my first year. I was nervous about my preparation for graduate school. Even though I did well on the GMAT’s, I was coming from a small school in rural Vermont to attend a fast-paced school in a very urban area. I soon learned that I was more than prepared for graduate school and I did extremely well, thanks to my education at Castleton.

I now have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration/Management from Castleton and a Master of Science in Organization Management/Human Resource Management from Dominican University.

Even though my formal education is in business, I have worked in the education field since graduating from Castleton. I have mainly worked in the academic arena, either in a registrar capacity or as professor/teacher. I have held the positions of Assistant Professor of Business, Webmaster, Assistant/Associate Registrar, and Computer Teacher.

I loved being a student at Castleton and have many memories of my time there. Since I am now back in Vermont, I thought it would be good and right to give back to the Castleton community, so I am now serving on the Board of Directors of the Castleton Alumni Association, which I am thoroughly enjoying.

Looking back, I now know that I would never have done so well in college if I did not wait the five years I did to attend college. I know I would not be working with computers or in education; I know I would not be the well-rounded, educated person who sees the world differently than pre-college times; and I know I would not be as successful without the influence and education of CSC. I loved every aspect of my tenure at Castleton. I know Castleton helped mold me into the person I am today. Thank you.

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