Sox-Yanks battle gets divided campus rocking

Grab your seeds, pick the red hat or the blue one, and most importantly choose which side of the chalk you’re going to stand on, because there is no undecided.When April hits, it means one thing — the Red Sox and the Yankees are hitting living rooms, dorm rooms and every kind of radio across the country.

Whether you’re Marlins fans wishing you were down in Florida or a disgruntled Cubs fan, or even a hopeless Pirates fan, you mark your ballot for either the Yanks or the Sox.

The Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees are historically the biggest rivalry in American sports.

Both teams are in the American League East and jockey for first place for the whole 162 games of the year.

“This is the epitome of baseball,” said sophomore and die hard Yankees fan Matt Murphy, in-between handfuls of Cheetos Friday night.

The Yankees and Red Sox squared off for their first series Friday night. The series brings a different kind of emotion that rolls throughout the campus at Castleton State College. It’s impossible to overlook the chants and screaming that echo throughout the campus during a Yankees-Sox series.

Maybe if you were standing by Paul’s Pizza, you were able to hear sophomore Ben Killary scream from his third story window in Haskell Hall after Yankees third baseman, Alex Rodriguez, tattooed a home run over the Green Monster.

“Let’s go Yankees,” Killary chanted repeatedly, as Red Sox fans across campus fell silent.

There is no question this small united campus becomes divided once the series begins. Many friends begin to split apart by just putting on different baseball jerseys.

“This is not just a game for me. If we lose I don’t want to eat, sleep, drink or study; I just want to fight a Yankees fan,” said Sophomore Josh Howe.

Howe’s comment was in a joking manner, but when you look at the whole picture, it really puts into perspective how intense this rivalry has become.

In 2005, Alex Rodriguez and Red Sox Catcher Jason Varitek broke out into a first fight after the two exchanged words after Rodriguez was plunked by a Bronson Arroyo slider. Events like this fuel the fire for the fans with the win or die atmosphere that the two teams bring to the table.

“Whoooooo,” yelled Craig Haley at the top of his lungs in two Yankee fan faces on Sunday night after the Red Sox blasted a club record four home runs in a row. The Sox capped off a three game sweep of the Bronx Bombers at Fenway Park, which marked the first time this feat has been accomplished since 1990.

“We have to hear them talk about their 26 World Series championships, but at least they have to shut up for a week,” said freshman Taylor McCarthy, who says he loves the New York Mets and hates the Yankees.

Castleton is not the only school where the rivalry resides.

“People don’t understand this really isn’t a joke to me. I honestly hate, hate, hate the Yankees and their fans,” said Norwich University junior Jesse Martin.

The pounding the Yankees took this weekend has surely added to trash talking by all the Red Sox fans.

One thing is for sure: Yankees fans will have to wait to seek revenge on the beating they took this past week.

The rivalry continues next weekend when the Sox travel to the house that Ruth built in hopes of another sweep of their number one nemesis.

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