Seniors give away cash

It’s April and seniors will be graduating in less than a month.It’s time to buy the senior class gift for the school to show gratitude to the college, and you realize that there are not enough funds to buy that gift .

What are you going to do?

Have a fundraiser of course.

And that is exactly what the senior class of 2007 is doing. And the fundraiser will be . drum roll please . cash calendars!

Each person who donates $5 to the senior class will be entered twice into a drawing for the chance to win a randomized amount of money designated on the cash calendar.

The drawings will start to take place on April 28 and will continue once each day as a countdown to commencement.

Senior class treasurer, Seth Tuper said that if all 500 cash calendars are sold the total proceeds will equal approximately $1,500.

The senior class gift will be a locally made granite bench to be placed in the Senator’s Court, the soon to be renovated area outside of the Stafford Academic Center.

If you would like to help the senior class, you can contact the senior officers by campus e-mail; Michael Trzciensky, president, Ariel Delaney, vice president, or Seth Tuper, treasurer.

Just think that for only $5 you can help the senior class and possibly win up to $950 cash.

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