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It’s 4:30 A.M. The entire campus is silent, everyone is sleeping. The sun is about to rise and the birds about to chirp.What am I doing? Just getting back to my room.
This last week after vacation has been interesting. So interesting that my sleeping habits have changed – I have none now.
I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep each night this entire year of school. But at least six or seven hours a night, which was never really enough, it just kept me going. First semester I definitely got that amount, or more.
Now, two to four hours of sleep is my current average of time each night (or morning). This being entirely my fault, I choose not to complain, however just comment on how the world works when you are sleep deprived, yet somehow happy.
Everyone has gone without sleep every now and again, so of course you guys probably all know how these shenanigans go down. You are in this daze where you are so tired that you aren’t tired. You sort of listen in class, take notes if you feel like it, and get your homework done ten minutes before the class begins.
And you keep telling yourself “tonight I’m going to bed early” or “tonight I’m doing that paper which is due next week.”
Instead, you hang out with people, do random BS that doesn’t mean anything, and waste away into the morning hours.
This is my life folks.
Hopefully only temporarily. Wait, I don’t mean that. Maybe. Indecisive Jo strikes again.
I want to sleep, and do my work well, but I also have a good reason to stay up (in my mind).

The only problem is I can get cranky. I mean, bite your head off cranky. I don’t even mean to either, because I’m not usually a bag of sunshine and kittens. Then with the lack of sleep on top of that, watch out.
It might be because usually I am pretty laid back with people, so when I get tired I am insensitive and whiny. I have got to work on that.
If you hear me whine, feel free to smack me. Even if you don’t know me it’s chill.
Besides the whining, I have been having a pretty good time. It’s weird how the events of a school year can escalade in a random direction and something happens that you would have never expected.
I don’t want the year to end. I mean, I do because I’m stressed and sick of papers and ready for vacation. Other than that I’m having a pretty good time. There’s always next year of course, and the summer will be great.
There’s one thing I don’t want to leave. One reason I don’t want to go. Not just yet.
Life is funny like that. Everything goes “perfect” just for long enough to screw you over in the end.
So sleeping seems like such a waste of time. A waste of moments. Moments which I only have a short time to savor.
School is very important to me. I want to finish this semester as well as I did last semester. I think I’ve learned the balance of school and fun, except in the past week. I had a lot of time where I was free to work. Instead, I played Guitar Hero, or checked my Myspace. Frivolous stuff like that.

At this moment actually, I should be writing an English paper. Instead I spill my thoughts out onto the computer screen and prepare myself for another night of fun.

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