Don’t ‘vote blue no matter who’

If you scrolled through social media after Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign you would have found posts telling you to support anyone who is running against Donald Trump.

Well, not anyone. Just Joe Biden.

There are many out there who believe that voting for a third-party candidate would be the equivalent to casting a vote for Trump. Back in 2016 there were articles explaining that voting for the third-party would split the vote, thus giving the edge to the lesser of two evils.

Government is supposed to work for the people, doing the most good for the most amount of people. As voters, we should support the candidate that most represents us and our views.

Telling someone who was a supporter of Sanders to vote for Biden isn’t allowing them to do that.

Specifically looking at the policies Sanders was running on during this election cycle such as Medicare for All, legalizing marijuana and the Green New Deal, there is really only one other candidate running who runs on those same policies.

That would be Green Party Candidate Howie Hawkins.

You probably haven’t heard of Hawkins, but he is the only progressive candidate left in the race for president in 2020.

That isn’t the only reason to go against the ideology of “vote blue no matter who.” We have seen this play out before, and it didn’t go the way the Democrats hoped.

Bernie endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016 and said that it was not the time for a protest vote. That Trump needed to be stopped before he could get into office.

Just a few days ago, he told the Associated Press that opposing Biden in this election would be negligent. “I believe that it’s irresponsible for anybody to say, ‘Well, I disagree with Joe Biden…and therefore I’m not going to be involved.’”

Some say not voting or voting for third party candidates will lead to a Trump reelection. But if you look at the statistics heading into the 2016 election, you will see that voting third party doesn’t guarantee a Trump win.

According to back in 2016, when they looked at the Real Clear Politics polling averages heading into the election, Clinton lead Trump by 6.9% when the third-party candidates were included.

It is understandable after four years of Trump that people would be more desperate to get him out of office, thus begging all left-leaning citizens to vote for the democratic nominee. But doing so goes against what democracy stands for, and what this country was founded on.

If you fully support Biden, by all means cast your vote for him. But if you are on the fence or do not agree with any or all of his policies, educate yourself. There are other options out there.

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