Mom approved


So, I’ve been stuck at home with my mom for the past month.

I love my mom – she’s the most badass person I know. And we’ve actually, surprisingly, been getting along really well.

Aris’s mother quickly took to organizing her drawers

When I went to school, even though I live at home, I barely saw her. I would go to school or work until 5:30, eat dinner with my parents, be too exhausted to function and go to my room to lie down. Getting to spend quality time with her has been really nice.

Thus, I decided that for my challenge this week, she will choose my outfits.

So I called her up to my room – she was on break at this point so she didn’t really have anything to do. And she was… excited. I think. She came to my room, looked in my drawers, and started organizing them. So. There’s that.

Aris’s mother carefully selecting clothes

Then after that whole ordeal, she finally started picking out my outfits. I assigned her 3, including shoes. And like the boys, I gave her full reign over my clothes. And she pulled through. She really did. Let’s evaluate.


For the first outfit, she picked out a black top, mom jeans, black vans, the infamous gingham coat, and a black belt.

Outfit one

I forgot to add that with this challenge, I actually took to Instagram to ask people’s opinions. On my Instagram story, I posted the picture and asked people to rate it from ugly to cute. It was actually rated pretty high up. People really like my outfit.


And I liked it too. But it was just so… boring. Simple. And my mom agrees with me as well. There was nothing exciting about the outfit. I would probably wear this on like, a depressing rainy day when I’m really tired. With that being said, it wasn’t a bad outfit at all. It just wasn’t enough.


For the second outfit, she picked out pink athletic leggings, a rainbow sweater, and white vans. This was the outfit I was most nervous about. It was very my mom’s style – she has cute clothes but sometimes I look at her outfits and think ‘girl, what?’


Outfit two

I actually went out this day because I needed an ~essential item~ and I felt so self-conscious. It was a really strange pairing, and the sweater wasn’t long enough to cover my butt in the leggings. My sister commented and said that it looked like I wasn’t wearing pants. So that’s nice.


On Instagram, people rated it high, but not as high as the other one. I honestly think they were either being nice, or…. Yeah that’s all I got.


For the third outfit, she picked out white jeans, a white tee (with a cartoon of Karl Lagerfeld), a blazer, and sparkly docs. I LOVED this outfit. It was so cute and unique, and honestly this was something I would pick out myself. It would’ve been so cute at the conference in NYC. Haha.

But people did not feel the same way as me. It was rated the lowest out of all of them. But I felt really powerful and I felt really good.

Outfit three

After the three days, I took to Instagram to ask everyone to pick their favorite out of the three. The first one got an overwhelming amount of votes. The second one came in second. And the third in last.


This, weirdly, disappointed me. I was really hoping people would like my favorite outfit. But they didn’t. They liked the boring outfit. And only guys voted for my rainbow outfit. My mom said it’s because guys like color. But like, I don’t care.


Why did everyone choose the boring outfit? I don’t really know. I’ve come up with a lot of theories. I think Vermont, especially Rutland, is… scared? I think people, from my experience, tend to go for simple wear because that is not what is “normal” around here. I could go on and on, but for now, I’ll leave with that.




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