Book Review: The Ghost Exterminator

Wyatt Haines is a very down to earth man. He does not believe in ghosts, poltregeists or anything of the sort. However, that’ s about to change. Wyatt buys a new house to fix up and sell, and strange incidents–unexplainable incidents–keep occuring. Fed up, he takes the suggestion of his secretary and calls Karmic Consultants, even while believing that there will be a perfectly rational explanation.

Karmic Consultants sends Jo Banks, a ghost specialist, to help Wyatt. The two don’t exactly hit it off, and then things don’t go as Jo planned. At the end of the house excersicm, the house is empty of ghosts…but two of those ghosts are now stuck in Wyatt’s body.

Worse yet, the ghosts are of children, ready to make mishcief the second Wyatt’s consciouness falls asleep. Jo cannot exorcise them without risking the removal of Wyatt’s soul as well. When the only person who can probably help isn’t readily available, what are a newly converted occult believer and a ghost exterminator who dislike each other to do?

The Ghost Exterminator by Vivi Andrews is one of the installments in her Karmic Consultants series. But you do not have to read any of the previous novels to fully understand and enjoy this one. Well crafted, while the story has its predictable elements, it also keeps you guessing until the end.


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