Book of the Fortnight

“Covid Chronicles,” recommended by Camille Jackson

As COVID-19 struck the world, human and university life effectively shut down, leaving the vulnerable and developing minds of university students to face the realm of isolation.

Faculty advisor to the Spartan Newspaper, David Blow, compiled entrees and reflections from his Media Writing Class to immortalize the student experience of COVID-19.

Covid Chronicles is a quick, easy, and eye-opening read into the unique challenges faced by students and the diversity of experiences gained throughout the lock-down period of the pandemic.

“Oneness vs the 1%,” reccomended by Camille Jackson 

Eco-feminist and global activist Shiva presents an eye-opening account of issues plaguing the international community. Critiquing the power and agency of the ultra-wealthy forms the basis for an exploration into how a profit orientation has culminated into a separation from the human and natural world. 

Optimistically, Shiva investigates methods to reverse this paradigm and reestablish an interconnected community that promotes the health of all life forms. 

This beautifully written and easily read book is a must-read if you are interested in an alternative conception of society, economics, and politics that recognizes the interconnectedness’ of life.

“Brave New World,” reccomended by Aksel Stroem-Handsen

The classic dystopian novel captured the mind of Stroem-Hansen, who explained “Brave New World is a must-read because of its brilliant reflections on human society and the driving forces in human behavior.”

The book’s exploration into the potential repercussions of advanced technology towards the human condition constitutes a major theme, though Stroem-Hansen reassures, “although big topics are brought up by Huxley, the book remains a fun, relatable, and entertaining story”

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