Book of the Fortnight

“Och Sen Så är Jag Död,” recommended by Christopher Kerven 

Translating into “And then I am Dead,” Kerven’s recommendation ties into his Swedish background. 

Written by Peter Johansson, this novel “takes place in the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden.” This Swedish book follows “the young criminal gangs and how the ‘regular’ Swedish person gets caught up in this” while revealing “the horrifying truth about today’s society.” 

While not yet available in English, for future reads, this book keeps readers enthralled as Kerven explains, “It’s a thriller-romance that brings constant excitement and is a real page-turner.” 

“Station Eleven,” recommended by Adsel Sparrow 

Authored by Emily St. John Mandel in 2014, the book “gained immense popularity during the COVID pandemic due to the book’s primary setting: a world 20 years post a deadly pandemic that killed 99% of the human population” explained Sparrow. 

Certainly, relevant to the lives of many today, “Station Eleven” “travels between the days pre-pandemic and post-pandemic, following a series of characters as their lives intersect through an actor and an unfinished comic series.” 

“It is not your typical apocalyptic book – it touches something much rawer and human inside the reader. I read this in July and have not been able to stop thinking about it since,” said Sparrow.

“The Hard Hat,” recommended by Christopher Eder 

Recounting the devastating tale of a young Cornell lacrosse captain who lost his life while playing, this book by Jon Gordon teaches readers unforgettable lessons in sport and beyond. 

“It’s short but good,” explained Eder, who encourages people to take in the lessons outlined in the book “21 ways to be a great teammate.” 

It was originally recommended to Eder by VTSU Castleton baseball coach Ted Shipley, Eder extends this recommendation to all who may enjoy the story and lessons.

Last week in issue four’s Book of the Fortnight, “The Year of the Hare” was recommended. This book is appropriate for mature audiences, as opposed to ‘all ages.’

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