The Real side of Reality


Red rose petals lined the floor. Candles flooded every surface. NBA star Kris Humphries waited on bent knee for Kim Kardashian to walk in the room. This week’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians featured the moment viewers have been waiting for since May; the engagement of one of the country’s most captivating reality stars. Thousands of people tuned in to see the next step in Kardashian and Humphries’s romance, but viewers have to wonder just how real it is.

On August 20, Kim Kardashian added wife to her long list of accomplishments. The wedding is set to be aired at a later date, but the engagement, which took place May 18, began the race to the alter for the couple who had been together a mere six months when the engagement took place. From a young age, American’s are taught to value the commitment and trust behind weddings, if we chose to take that risk to begin with.  

So many have to ask, what’s the chance that Humphries’s “will you marry me?” written in rose petals will actually survive the day to day struggles of real life when the cameras are turned off?

Of the 2,077, 000 people married in the United States in 2010, exactly half of that number got divorced the same year, according to the CDC. Add the intense pressure both individuals have as a result of their high powered career and where exactly does that leave their marriage?

In the episode, Humphries shows Kardashian’s mother the ring and explains his plans for marrying her daughter. The ring is a custom-designed, 20.5 carat rock. How Kardashian keeps her hand up is beyond me, but more importantly, it is a $2 million ring. Humphries proceeds to explain his worries about Kardashian’s wreck less spending habits and dubs his fiancé a “wildcard who is at risk of spending all their money.” They fight, and he postpones popping the question. Viewers clearly see this is a solid relationship forming between a man who works hard for his money and a woman who self- admittedly enjoys spending it.

But the question still remains; just how real is this?

Junior Meghan Greeno and Senior Justin Martelle have been together for over a year. This summer, the couple decided to take the next step in their relationship.

“He took me to Lake George on a dinner cruise. He booked the bridal suite room, so I kind of knew something was up. There were fireworks and at the end, he popped the question,” said Greeno blushing.

Her reaction to her engagement was not similar to that of Kardashian’s though, who stated “I didn’t expect this at all. I was in shock. I never thought it would happen at home, and I never thought now.”

Greeno wasn’t shocked in the least.

“I knew it was coming…surprised was not my reaction,” she said pausing. “I can read him like a book and I picked out the ring back in February.”

There’s a big difference between the two women’s situations though. Greeno doesn’t have a 20.5 carat ring, she didn’t have rose petals, and she didn’t have thousands of people watching her while Martelle asked her to spend the rest of her life with him.

So, whose is more likely to last?

I’ll put my money on Greeno and Martelle, who are set to wed in May 2013. 

Whose relationship is more entertaining to watch?

Definately Kardashians.


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