Akane spreads thank you messages

Akane Minamino enjoys her time on exchange.

I appreciate all the people, including friends, faculty, and staff, who kindly helped me here in Castleton. Thanks to them, I had a great time here.

Dear my friends: thank you for always saying hi to me and interacting with me. I was so happy when you showed an interest in my home country. I appreciate it.

Also, thank you for listening to me and encouraging me when I had worries. All of the time that I spent with you was very fun, important and precious to me. Thank you so much for being my friends and spending time with me.

Dear faculty: thank you for supporting my academic life here. Your support motivated me to study hard. I am sure you spent a lot of time and effort on offering support to me. I cannot thank you enough.

Also, I would like to say this to not only you, but also all, but thank you so much for being patient to me although my English skills are poor. In addition, thank you for being willing to explain things until I completely understand although I asked you the same question many times. Thanks to your support, I enjoyed studying here a lot.

Photo taken mid-flight on Akane’s way to America.

Dear staff: thank you for letting me talk about my worries to you and giving advice to me. Talking with you was always helpful for me to continue living and studying here. Thank you so much.

Dear members of Castleton Friends, thank you for spending a lot of time with me. You took me to many places in Vermont, which was so fun. I believe that you spent great deal of time on planning what to do with me and other international students so that we can have fun in Vermont. I sincerely appreciate it. I will tell people in Japan how beautiful Vermont is.

This is how a lot of people helped me since I came here, which taught me the importance of being kind to others and made me to decide to be kind to others even more. I would like to be in a career related to giving aid to people in one way or another in the future.

I had experiences that I could not have done if I had not come here. Also, I met people that I could not have never met if you had not come here. I learned a lot through this study abroad. I am glad I decided to come here. I would also like to say thank you to my family who let me come here.

I am a little excited about going home in about two weeks because I can see my so adorable pet. However, I am sad about leaving Castleton because I like living here. I enjoyed nature, interacting with people, and studying here. I will miss Castleton, so I will make an effort to visit Castleton again.

Finally, again, thank you all for meeting me here. I will work harder so that I can contribute to the world while remembering what I learned and experienced here and return the favor to Castleton. Thank you.

The message that welcomed Akane to Castleton.

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