Punishment still awaiting.

It’s been a month and a half since the news of Rich Alercio’s forced resignation over an NCAA violation rocked Castleton State College and the surrounding community. There is still no word on what punishment, if any, will be enforced on the college.According to Athletic Director Deanna Tyson, the NCAA is still investigating the violation that was a result of a part-time employee of the college co-signing three separate loans for a player that totaled close to $22,000.

“We were thinking we’d have it by now, so we’re still just waiting for it,” Tyson said.

As for the ineligible player, the NCAA has not announced a decision on whether or not he will be reinstated for play. Tyson did say that decision would be announced before any possible punishments for the college are.

Tyson said that the hope is that the decisions will be coming soon so the school can put the violation in the past.

“Yeah we are [getting anxious for a decision],” she said. “We’d like to know what their decisions are so we can really move forward.

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