‘A Chorus Line’ shines

The lights dim down, the orchestra begins to play, the yellow curtain rises and 30 tap shoes tap in unison. A Chorus Line has begun. The play takes place at an audition to be in a chorus line in a Broadway show. It has comical moments and moments where it really pulls at your heart. The topics brought up range from puberty, ethnicity, professional struggles, homosexuality and overall life struggles. And all this done while singing and dancing.

Screams of “WOO” and loud clapping broke out multiple times throughout this musical after individual songs. This energetic show, once preformed on Broadway, has become a hit at Castleton thanks to an abundance of energy it provides from the talent.

“It’s such high energy and it gets better every night,” said senior performer Chris Pike, who played Al.

The energy in the choreography caught the attention of student Zak Mayo.

“It was quite entertaining,” said Mayo, who admittedly is not a play type person. “It was an overall good performance”.

The accolades and applause is rewarding for theater professor Harry McEnerny, who directed the show.

“All of the work was worth it,” said McEnerny, who added that it wasn’t easy.

There was frustration, broken toes, injured ankles and trips to the hospital along the way, he said.

The cast had to learn to tap dance, be in unison along with other moves and sing at the same time, McEnerny said.

“All of the dancing with singing took so much stamina,” said Kenzie McCain, who plays Sheila.

The songs and dancing went well together and freshman Ari Kinder said she really enjoyed the show.

President Dave Wolk saw A Chorus Line in the ’70s on Broadway, but he said he believes Castleton’s rendition is better.

It is a unique show, said Wolk, who is urging all on campus to catch one of the performances. It is the longest show Castleton has featured at 110 minutes with no intermission.

Wolk enjoys the show so much that he has gone to one rehearsal, two dress rehearsals and plans on attending all performances.

“I am very proud of all the students, faculty and staff,” said Wolk

“Everyone should come and see it. It is worth it,” said McEnerny.

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