Gym junkies tell all

Driving through the residential side of campus just as you pass Castleton Hall, across from Adams Hall is a gigantic panoramic window giving you a glimpse into a different world.It’s a world of stationary machines and sweat. Students fill the line of treadmills and ellipticals striving to get somewhere without physically going anywhere.

Though some may never fathom going to the gym, Castleton students can’t seem to get enough of it. Hundreds of students flock to the gym each day to get their quick, or long fix of physical activity. Some are stragglers, some are regulars, but all are looking for a good workout.

On the right of the door leading you into the gym stands square cubbies that are of adequate size to fit small personal belongings in, such as street shoes, which are prohibited in the gym. Don’t worry, the sign on the door will remind you if you ever forget.

When you walk through the door you see the line of treadmills, yoga balls and a man lifting more weight than you assume is humanly possible.

It’s essentially and a community within a community.

Stephanie Wright is one of the many faces you may see. She works at the sign-in desk and manages the activity in the gym. She’s a senior. She’s on the varsity softball team. She’s also a gym junkie.

“I come here at least once a day for at least one-and-a-half hours on average. The gym has a lot to offer,” she said.

Athletes aren’t the only moving bodies you’ll see getting their sweat on. Nicole Carpenter isn’t on any team, but is also in love with the gym.

“I come everyday for an hour, maybe a little over,” said Carpenter while lifting a weight over her head. “I started coming because I wanted to look good in my bikini.”

Carpenter said she does a variety of exercises including stretching and running on the elliptical.

For freshman Chris Kowalski, the gym routine is relatively new.

“I didn’t really go as regularly to a gym before I came to college. Now I go four or five times a week. I come to stay fit,” said Kowalski, propped against a back rest on the chest press.

So it’s no secret that people go to the gym because want to look good, but is that all? Is our number one priority really looking good?

Not always.

Senior Pat Shortle loves the way the gym makes him feel.

“The best part about the gym is the end result. All the endorphins are released and you just feel really good,” he said.

Shortle said he likes to spend one-and-a-half to two hours in the gym, taking his workout slow, enjoying every minute and avoiding any injuries.

Like many who see the benefits of working out, both physically and mentally, Shortle feels an extremely strong connection with the gym and working out.

“It’s gotten me through some stressful days so I’m pretty thankful for it,” he said.

As always, the things we love have flaws. Although our facility is lovely, everything has room for improvement, the gym fans say.

“Space,” declared Shortle when asked what could be improved. “If they could add on to the facility and allow for more variety of equipment and a more comfortable work-out space.”

Carpenter had a different idea.

“Structured classes or personal trainers would be cool,” said Carpenter. “Other than that, the gym’s pretty good.”

Wright said she hopes for faster turnaround time for broken equipment being fixed and Kowalski dreams of more treadmills.

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