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Just another day in paradise is my usual response to the question, “hey how are you.” What I mean by that is each day no matter how hard your day was, or if you didn’t do as well on that test as you wanted. The point is that I cherish each day as it comes. I’ve learned that my life is like a crazy story book and as you finish each chapter, you learn a little more about my life and wonder how this can be possible.This last week has been crazy and full of high and lows. But each day was another day in paradise. Things started pretty normal, I woke up and went to class then I had a meeting with an academic counselor and talked about what I have to do to stay in school. That went very well, so my week started great. Then the rest of the week went smooth until Friday night. I went to work, and after I got done with work I was heading out the door when I heard a throaty growl and nasty barking coming from a fairly large flat-headed pit-bull. I jumped and slammed the door and I swore. I was scared. I absolutely hate pit-bulls, and this one was particularly nasty. Then on Sunday the same thing happened.

On Monday I learned a valuable lesson, and that is that I need to look after myself first before I put my neck on the line for somebody else. It was hard learning this lesson as it took me nineteen years and the loss of a good friend in order to take care of myself first. Each day goes by and we learn something new and its part of this crazy ride called life.

Like I said before, the last week had its ups and down, but each day is just another day in paradise. You may wonder why I say it’s just another day in paradise. Well, the reason for that is because it is another day in paradise. To be honest, even if I did have a bad day, I wouldn’t want to be any place else. I’m healthy, I’m in college, I have a wonderful family and I have a job.

Life gets rough some times, and when it does you just have to remember to think about what you have. Whatever you do, don’t think about what you don’t have. Just smile and say it’s just another day in paradise.

“Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on working.” Unknown

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