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What Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin is doing is illegal. Period. I’d say “unconstitutional” but that word gets tossed around more than the baseballs in Arizona and Florida in March. No jokes this time. I’m kind of bullshit. The Supreme Court recently backed those freaks of the Westboro Baptist Church in its case of First Amendment right to protest the funerals of fallen American soldiers. You’ve seen them. They picket the funerals of young men and women who have died for the Constitution with classy signs like: “Thank god for dead soldiers,” “God sent the killer” (whatever that means), and other witty wacko-isms like, “Thank God of 9/11.” I thank God for a lot of things, but that ain’t one. Actually the Westboro idiots started their great organization in hopes to remove gays from the military.

Shame on you, Supreme Court. Shame, shame, shame on you. You voted 8-1 to allow the Westboro wackos to continue their protests. I get it. Even if it’s unpleasant, it’s still free speech. Chief Justice John Roberts said that the Sup. Court had a very tough decision to make and spent a lot time on it, according to the Associated Press. You’re right, 8-1 is a tough vote, bro.

Have you ever seen “Grandma’s Boy?” Remember where the protagonist, Alex, worked? That’s government. They just hang out all day until it’s time to go home. I think they could have spent some more time making their decision, is what I mean. Westboro has the right to free speech and assembly, but we also use censorship in “free” America because some things are just uncomfortable. You have the right to free speech, but you cant yell “fire!” in a movie theater. You have the right to protest a war in ghastly fashion, but I personally don’t believe you can tell some mother that her 19-year-old son, who died for his country, that he deserved it because God hates him.all while at his funeral.

Oh hey, there’s a governor in Wisconsin abolishing labor unions. Did you know this John Roberts? Probably not, you idiot. Unions became important during the Robber Baron era in the late 19th century. Workers were paid as the Barons felt would make themselves enough money and working conditions were deadly. People got tired of this, and demanded proper wages, proper working conditions (those of which finally became reasonable some 40 years later), and pension for jobs that require early retirement.

Gov. Walker is using the majority GOP vote in Wisconsin to pass this bill in blitzkrieg fashion without a citizen vote. Not illegal. Unethical? Yes. Scumbag-y? You know it. Illegal part? Abolishing labor unions. No can do, Scottie. Sure, unions can become corrupt but if there’s a scale of corruption its Government on top, followed by larger police departments, followed by the NFL, and maybe way down the road.unions. WWI destroyed the German economy with the losses of life and sanctions and what not. This dude Hitler started bringing everyone together to save the country he loves like any good politician. I think one of his first “solutions” was abolishing unions.

Yeah, you guessed it; I’m the son of a civil servant, a firefighter. I’m a little biased. Taxes pay his salary and ultimately his pension. In a poor economy, some people don’t believe that they should pay for pensions or higher taxes. That’s how this bill has support. People just don’t understand. Here’s some help with a firefighter as an example.

“Why do I have to pay for his Pension?” My father pays into his own pension with the money he makes. The taxpayers don’t directly pay into it.

“Why does he get a pension?” He chose a career of saving lives at the drop of a hat, spatula, TV remote, pillow at 3 A.M. etc. Instead of retiring at 65, a career like this forces you out around 55, because he’ll be dead from smoke inhalation at 65.

Supreme Court. Walker. Illegal. Look into it, instead of allowing crazy people to harass mothers of dead soldiers. Need help, douche bags?

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