Valentines, Shmalentines

Well , here we are again. On Feb. 14 couples all over the world spoil each other with chocolates, fancy dinners and gifts just to show one another how much they are in love. All the single ladies on the other hand sit at home and are constantly reminded that they are alone this year.

There is nothing better than a holiday that celebrates the beauty of love. Valentine’s Day has nothing but the best intentions. It’s a day for you to remind your loved ones how much they mean to you.

And remember when you were in elementary school and you and your classmates all gave each other a cute little card? You would stay up the night before picking out the perfect card to give everyone, searching for the flirtiest card to give your crush hoping they’d get the hint. Then you’d go to school the next day and spend the day decorating a brown paper bag so you could all drop cards and little treats in everyone’s bag. The boys gave out cards with super heroes and cars on them, and the girls gave out Barbie and Disney Princess cards.

Boy, weren’t those the days? Everybody always got a little something on Valentine’s Day back then.

But then we all have to grow up, and that’s when reality rears its ugly head. We quickly feel as though we need a special someone to be our Valentine so we can shower them with expensive gifts.

The problem with Valentine’s Day is that, like most holidays, it has become extremely commercial. Its suppose to be a day filled with love and romance, but now there is far too much pressure put on people to get the perfect gift and plan a romantic dinner. And apparently, a lot of women don’t want all these fancy things on Valentine’s Day. According to a recent study, 87 percent just want to hear “I love you” from their man.

If you love someone, you should show them how much you love them every single day. Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to remind them how absolutely adored they are by you.

And boys, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to go all out on your favorite girl for Valentine’s Day. Girls like random acts of affection much better. If you’re looking for brownie points, do something nice for her on a completely unexpected day. That will get you a lot further.

So for this Valentine’s Day try and keep it simple. And if you find yourself alone, depressed and stuffing your face with a pint of ice cream, just think about all the people that you love and the ones that love you in return.

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