Music Review: The Black Rose

Blameshift’s new Extended Play, “The Black Rose”, is truly captivating. The voice of singer Jenny Mann has a very unique, almost edgy sound which comes as a relief in a music industry that worships people like Miley Cyrus.It’s not just Mann’s voice that makes the EP so good, though. It’s the way the guitar harmonizes with the bass and the beats of the drums all blending together that make the album truly addicting. You will be really hard-pressed to turn this EP off.

All of the instruments mesh with Mann’s voice in five new songs, each with its own unique feel, giving the EP a very diverse sound. Another thing that adds to the diversity is the use of orchestral instruments like the violin.

Each song brings a new mood to the EP, not just with the sound, but also with the lyrics. They differ greatly from song to song. There are lyrics that talk about taking chances and persevering through hard times, desperation, and choosing between two lovers, all of which things that people can relate to.

The “Black Rose” is Blameshift’s second EP, and it has a very dark, almost eerie kind of sound to it when compared to the first. However, that’s just one of the qualities that makes it that much more appealing to listen to.

One of the most interesting songs on the album is Killing Me. The song starts off sounding like something that you would hear in a Native American drama, and with one line that’s yelled by Mann, the song quickly transitions into something completely different. The sounds of plucked violin, along with violin tremolo are heard as Mann’s voice rejoins the song once more, singing this time.

The guitar, bass and drums all start at what seems like the same time, but the convergence of all the instruments is so smooth you hardly realize that they weren’t all playing the whole time.

The band has come a long way since they started in 2005. They’ve released two EP’s, including “The Black Rose”, and two albums. They’ve also toured across the country and just last year signed with Restless Management.

It seems that the band has a big and bright future ahead of them, and if they continue to produce fantastic music such as the pieces found on “The Black Rose”, then it seems we all have good music ahead of us.

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