Sports staff superbowl predictions

Mike DelDotto: The game’s going to feature two mobile quarterbacks with different styles. Rodgers can set his feet and hips from any position and get off a well-placed pass while Big Ben is too big and too tough to take down on your own. The Steelers defense is stronger than what the Pack have but Rodgers has the tools on offense to put up some points; and Green Bay has been unstoppable since early December. I got Green Bay 24-14.John Shramek: If you’ve grown up around sports, there is one thing that you’ve gotten used to hearing on a regular basis; defense wins championships. I hate to say this as a Patriots fan, but the Steelers have a formidable defense, and I think that will give Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay offense a ton of trouble as they try to gain momentum in the game. With two weeks to study Rodgers and the Packer offense, I think Pittsburgh will have plenty of time to dissect Green Bay. As long as the black and gold can effectively shut down Greg Jennings, I see them walking off the field hoisting the Lombardi for the third time in six years. I got Pittsburgh 21-17.

Shawn Medeiros: Mark this date in your calendar because this will be the day that Aaron Rodgers solidifies himself as the third best quarterback in the league behind Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Rodgers has had a huge chip on his shoulder after not being drafted No. 1 overall in the 2005 NFL Draft and he is going to prove why that was a major mistake (Alex Smith of the 49ers went first; he’s watching the game from his sofa). Rodgers will lead the Packers, along with their defense playing a strong game, to a victory over the Steelers. Wide receiver James Jones will have the game-winning touchdown. Packers 24-17.

Kristie Dunchus: I’m a Patriots fan so I really don’t care for this match up but this is what i predict. I think Pittsburgh’s defense is going to keep them in the game until the end. Although Roethlisberger clearly has the upper hand seeing as how he has two Superbowls already and has the experience, I think Rodgers is a better pocket passer and I just think it’s his time. It’s his time to shine and take over the throne from Brett Favre and give the Packers their fourth Superbowl. I got Green Bay 17-14.

Mike Slade: Both teams have impressive resumes. The sixth seeded Packers went to Philly and contained Michael Vick. The Pack then went to Atlanta to pound on the first seeded, never-lose-at-home Dirty Birds. “Duh Bears” hosted the Pack in the windy city, where the Packers surprisingly again took care of business. Pittsburgh was the host of its two games where the Steel surprisingly beat the Ravens. Being at the Pats-Jets game, and a Pats fan, it made me very happy to see the Steelers de-feet the Jets, who couldn’t stop a nosebleed. Steelers have the edge in QB with Big Ben and Mendenhall out of the backfield. Packers got the edge in Wide Receivers. On defense they have better pass coverage. Also got to give the Pack a slight edge in Special Teams. I got the Cheese Heads over the Terrible Towels, 27-24.

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