Unsung hero:

An unsung hero is somebody who doesn’t necessarily have to show up on the score sheet of every game, but has an impact. This past weekend our unsung hero for Spartan sports comes from the chilly confines of Spartan Arena.

Dan Bell of the Castleton men’s ice hockey team has played in all six games for the Spartans registering five points. Bell is almost a point per game player but that is not the reason for his unsung hero award this week.

Bell’s speed and willingness to sacrifice the body has made him a mainstay in the Castleton line-up. Part of being a Spartan hockey player takes sacrifice and heart, something Bell has shown continuously.

Most recently, in one play, all of Bell’s tools were on display for all to see.

A pass came across the middle setting up a one-timer that would have been a sure goal if it weren’t for Bell.

Sliding across the top of the face-off circle Bell blocked the shot and stayed with the play not giving up on the loose puck. As he regained his balance, he gained control of the puck and went streaking through the middle splitting the Colby College defenders.

This particular play ended with a beautiful backhand to forehand move that resulted in a goal for the Spartans, but it wasn’t that goal that was so nice.

It was the effort.

Throughout the entire game Bell was constantly a thorn in the side of Colby, pressuring every puck, challenging every play, and as previously mentioned, an unassisted shorthanded goal.

Bell swung the momentum pendulum the Spartans way numerous times throughout the weekend and showed how a true Spartan competes.

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