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Well, it’s almost that time of year again, folks. No, not Valentine’s Day. It’s almost to the point where people have about had it with the snow. While some are completely pumped for the remaining weeks of ski or snowboard season, the rest of the population simply wants the stuff to go away.”It’s cold and it sticks to your pants and makes everything wet. When you have to shovel an eight car driveway after break it’s not exactly fun,” said Jess Lawrenson, a junior at Castleton State College who hails from Cohoes, Ny.

Vermont’s winter usually begins in late October, early November when most other states are starting to experience winter or are well into fall. It’s natural for a few out-of-staters to feel a bit of detestation towards the snow. But what about those who live in Vermont that also tire of the snow? That seems to be more of a phenomenon.

“I’m not really a big fan of the snow, but I wouldn’t appreciate the summer if I didn’t have to experience the winter,” said Dylan Plumley, a junior.

Plumley is from South Hero, Vt. He went on to explain that Vermont has “maybe 90 days that you could qualify as summer time, and you wouldn’t learn to appreciate those 90 days without all of the snow and cold.”

That seems like plausible logic, but not something that many other Vermonters seem to follow. Perhaps it’s because they don’t want to, or simply because they don’t care.

Patrick Hollick from Williston, Vt. is a Vermonter who seems to get tired of the snow, but not before he gets tired of something else first.

“Sledding is badass,” Hollick said, “I’m okay with the snow until I get bored with sledding, probably like mid-February. Then I just want it to melt.”

With February fast approaching it seems like more and more people are fed up with the snow.

“It depends on how much snow we get. By mid-January to early February I start getting sick of the winter. It’s pretty in Vermont, but after a while it gets annoying,” said Chelsea Crawford, a freshman from Bennington, Vt.

It seems that most people find something to occupy their time and mind while the snow falls to the ground, whether it’s learning to appreciate the warmer days, sledding or simply enjoying watching the snow descend. However, it seems that all of these temporary fixes can’t quell the annoyance of the snow, which seems to never end.

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