Local charm at Applewood Manor B&B

You’ve heard of the Holiday Inn or Hampton Inn, right? Well instead of staying at a high-priced hotel that takes your money and hands you a key card, you should consider the Applewood Manor Bed and Breakfast right here in Castleton.This original 1789 Cape Cod home with an 1805 Colonial front addition is run by Nancy Cameron and Ralph Hirschfeld.

“I’m the hospitable one,” said Cameron while laughing. “Ralph is practical.”

This friendly couple recently received news that Applewood Bed & Breakfast was named as a top 10 bed and breakfast in the United States by bed&breakfast.com.

This award surpasses the Web sites 2009-10 award naming it a top 10 B&B in New England.

More than 7,000 other B&Bs and 200 in Vermont alone are included on the site and in the award process.

The latest award comes in only their fifth year of operation.

“We were kind of blown away,” said Cameron in her distinct Scottish accent.

The 33-acre property has five guest rooms that seemed to be pretty popular with the current guests staying there.

Lynn Carmen, from New Jersey, came up to visit her son who lives a few towns over.

“I loved it. We think were gonna get our son an anniversary present here!” Carmen said.

Cameron said she and Hirschfeld adore all their guests and said they do their best to make sure everyone feels right at home. Adding to the hospitality are her 7-year-old Golden Retriever, Samson, and their new addition, Maya, a beautiful blue and gold parrot.

“You’re just such a wee love,” Cameron said to the bird during a recent interview.

Cameron said they have hosted guests come from as far as South Africa, Belgium, Australia, and Puerto Rico. All, she said, have imprinted a memorable story for the owners.

“Once people come here, they tend to come back,” said Cameron. “I get energized from the guests. They are lovely folk.

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